Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My friend Joe the Plumber

Open Letter to My Fellow Plumber and Christian Soldier, Joe

Joe, I love you. You're over there doing the right thing. You're fighting for the Hebrews' land. Today, I know that you will return to this country an even greater man by speaking the truth. You said that it's not the media's business to report on war. That was just brilliant! You're standing up to the evildoers and the far, far left-wing media in one shot. Know that God, Jesus and Mel Gibson are making sure that you will make a safe return from that war-torn land. And when you come back, boy, will there be a day and thankfulness for that. I hope that your loved ones will throw a huge Welcome Home/Prayer Party for you. You deserve the attention that you're getting, Joe. Just look at you in this photo that I grabbed from my TV! FOX TV says that it's looking for another "American Idol." Well, sir, I'm lookin' at a real American Idol in that photo up there. You're an Idol who fights for lower taxes, less government, Hebrew and Christian Rights and Males Rights.
Onward Christian Soldier!
God Bless You,
Bill White
Hattiesburg, MS

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