Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She chose life

Hi y'all-I've been quite busy during the Christmas season. Yes, that's Christmas for all you seculars out there. No, I don't have anything against the Hebrews. In fact, I support the Hebrews now more than ever. They deserve their land over there in Israel and they need to keep fighting the evildoers who are looking to push them out to the sea. My hope is that one day all of the Hebrews in the U.S. like my neighbors The Franklesteins will one day return to their land and spread the word of their peaceful God and Democracy in that area. I know Schmuley (I love that funny name and he looks even funnier) and Linda will one day move there and turn things around -- I know they can do it.

Anyway, yes, I'm sad that an SP will be our president. I accepted it in the last few weeks. OK, all you SPs up there in New York think that I'm a bigot. No I'm not! I love the Obamas and people of color. In fact, I was practically raised by my mama's helper Essie. Then there's Johnny, my bible study partner. He's a black Christian conservative and I love him like a brother.
But, I'm grateful that Mississippi is redder than red, baby. I'm thankful that queer Hollywood films don't come around here. I'm grateful that Delores bakes big ole delicious pies for me. Where will I be on Inauguration Day? I'll be workin' for a livin' and will think about how good Christians will save this country from ruin.
Here's the big news: What's even better these days is that up there in Alaska, beautiful Sarah's daughter chose life and had a baby boy! Whoo-hoo!! Another conservative, Christian boy in the world!!!! I'm giddy, y'all!!!!