Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heading to Georgia

Hi folks,
Business has been picking up lately.

I'm finished for the week and Kyle, Dale and me are headin' to Georgia to canvass for Saxby Chambliss! I can't wait to tell my brethren in the great Southern state of Georgia what a great man Senator Chambliss is and how lucky they are to have him.

We're goin' deer huntin' in the northern part of the state and then after that, it's Thanksgiving supper at my Aunt Marge's deep in the hills near Brasstown. I do hope that we get to run into the only dang good Democrat that ever lived--Zell Miller! I met Zell a few years back and I'm tellin' you, he's hilarious! Anyway, back to T-giving. Marge has been fryin' turkeys for 45 years and I swear they get better each year. Plus, we're stayin' through the weekend so that we can see the gorgeous Sarah Palin when she comes to the Atlanta area where she's stumpin' for Saxby! I'll catch y'all later. We gotta gas up the 150 for the long haul! With beer, deer and pickup trucks, who needs women?--except for fryin' turkeys! Whoo-hoo!!! OK, I'm jokin' 'bout that last line. Sorry I'm out of line, Miss Marge, I'll be a good boy in front of you.

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