Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan just came out with a book that says our president lied. I just have this to say to you: Traitor! Wuss! People like you are dangerous to our national security. This rotten book is just another left-wing tool that will empower the evildoers. Good goin' McClellan! I have no idea when the Islamo-Fascists are coming, but if they do, I will put you on my "To Blame List."
I do hope my president will find a way to level treason charges at you. As Jesus Christ as my Savior, I pray that you will be brought to justice.

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Southwind said...

Bravo !! McClellan started out well enough, enjoyed the power and the perks and is now going for the money. No telling what he will get over and beyond his book deal. Traitorous is too good a word.